Common errors

Here u find all common issues related to the ElixirBot
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Common errors

Post by SplashX » 03 Sep 2019, 18:09

Here are the common issues that causes bot to stop or can't start

Assuming that you followed everything from installation guide this problems might appear and stop the bot:

-if bot clicks on collection and then stop, go to start, type adjust cleartype text, enable it, click next next next... and restart lol, then try bot again

-if you get error ('move window', 'access denied') (you can find it in log.txt) go right click on 1.exe, go to properties, compatibility tab, and check run as administrator, then go to start and type user account control, enter it and move slider to bottom (disable user account control) and click ok. Then run bot again

-if you get error Error. closing! Error: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'shape' download bot again and replace all files because you don't have some images

-if bot won't enter username and password, client resolution is probably not changed so set it to lowest resolution and then to 1280x720

-if bot enters only password make sure you uncheck remember me and save this setting, so uncheck it and login once manually so it won't be checked next time

-if error window appear and says that system is missing api-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll, download c++ redistributable and install it. Then rerun bot

Unfixable errors
-if in console while trying to run 1.exe error appears and says (this will close 1.exe quickly so you won't be able to see that error sometimes) error
-if bot log in, enters game, and won't move game window to top left and start playing (assuming that you copied config files)
This errors are unfixable so you can't run bot on that system (only installing new operating system helps)